Monday, August 9, 2010

Missing In Action, A Sequel To Jadon and Gabe:The Not so Saintly Horses

Jadon and Gabe are up to their shenanigans once again.

Gabe steps out into forbidden territory in search of his parents. He finds himself lost, hungry and at risk of being dinner. There are dangers lurking in the shadows surrounding his every move.

Jadon, his pasture buddy, goes in search for Gabe. He hopes to spare their family the disappointment, they are sure to experience, if they discover Gabe missing. In order to reach his goal, he first has to get passed many obstacles that lie between him and his buddy, including Bob.

Will Jadon and Gabe be safely reunited with their family or lost forever? Find out for yourself!

A Christian Children's Book, Missing in Action: A Sequel to Jadon and Gabe:The Not so Saintly Horses, by Barbara Janet Cooper and co-authored by Brittany Jean Schonert, will be available soon!

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