Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will he break a World Record?

On April 23, 2010 a miniature stallion was born in New Hampshire. Weighing just 6 pounds, standing at 14 inches high, he just may break the current Guinness world record set in 2001.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Examiner/Jadon and Gabe Article-Updated

Jadon and Gabe: The Not so Saintly Horses

April 26, 5:25 PMLong Beach Self-Publishing ExaminerBarbara Galloway
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Jadon and Gabe (Used with permission)

Jadon and Gabe: The Not so Saintly Horses was written by two Texans: Barbara Janet Cooper and her granddaughter Brittany Jean Schonert, who live in College Station.

Jadon and Gabe: The Not so Saintly Horses is the first in the Jadon and Gabe series, and features the adorable miniature horse Jadon as the narrator.

This story is about how two horses with opposite personalities meet; and how against all odds they become friends and learn to live together in peace.

As they face tough life problems, they are directed to look to God for direction. In return, they master the skill of manners and respect for others.

This book offers enlightenment as it inspires children to reach for higher values; to seek the higher road in their own lives as they learn a variety of spiritual lessons thoughout the engaging and very entertaining stories. Each new adventure of challenge played out in this book opens up opportunities for discussion between parent or caregiver and child.

Come along on their journey as they embark on a path, finding a life, which is truly pleasing to their humans and to God. Great family read. --Author notes

Barbara and Brittany (Used with permission)


I am a mother, grandmother and published author of several books. I have lived in Texas for the past 35 years close to family and friends. My co-author, Brittany, who is also my granddaughter, was born in Texas."

Interview with Barbara Janet Cooper

Examiner: How long have your been writing?

Barbara Janet Cooper: I stared writing when I was a child. I published my first book three years ago.

Examiner: What made you decide to become a self-publisher?

Barbara Janet Cooper: I like the idea of being able to tell my story in my words, not someone else's words.

Examiner: How long have you been self-publishing your work?

Barbara Janet Cooper: Three years.

Examiner: How many books have you written?

Barbara Janet Cooper: I have published three books so far. The Other Surviver: Head Injury From a Wife's Perspective; Upside down and Back Again: and Hope for the Caregiver, all of which can be found at wordsofhopeforcaregivers.com and also on amazon.com.

I have another book for caregivers in the works, which will be a study guide for caregivers.

Brittany and I are working on the second in the Jadon and Gabe series, Missing in Action, which we hope to have out this summer.

I have also been working on a novel for the last few years, The Attic on Lockwood Avenue.

Examiner: Are you looking for an agent or publisher?

Barbara Janet Cooper: No, I'm not looking but if one finds me, we can talk about it.

Examiner: What is the hardest part about being a self-publisher?

Barbara Janet Cooper: The amount of time that it takes to promote takes away from the time to write.

Examiner: Do you have any advice for new writers?

Barbara Janet Cooper: Follow your dream. Believe in yourself and keep writing.

Examiner: Can you tell us some other interesting things about yourself ?

Barbara Janet Cooper: A portion of the proceeds from my books is donated to the Franciscan Poor Clare Nuns. Also our local library has asked my granddaughter to give a talk at a summer reading workshop in July. We will be offering our book, Jadon and Gabe, for sale at this event.

Brittany Jean Schonert (Used with permission)

About Brittany

(Pictures and information posted with permission.)

The Larry J. Ringer Public Library in College Station, Texas will be holding a Summer Reading Program on Tuesday, July 13, from 9 am to 11 am. Another local author, Richard Bradford, will be presenting writing workshops for children ages 6-8.

Brittany will be giving a presentation on writing and talking about the book she wrote with her grandmother: Jadon and Gabe, at this event. She will also help out with the writing workshop.

Brittany has won three story contests with a local newspaper in College Station.

She is an A student in fifth grade, and hopes to attend Texas A & M University upon graduation from high school. She plans to pursue a career as an attorney-at-law.

For more info on Jadon and Gabe: go to wordsfromthehayloft.blogspot.com.