Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Grand-daughter Won a Story Contest!

I am very proud of her! She is nine years old!

Her story reads--

Puppy Love
by Brittany age 9

I hopped off the school bus at my house, then I eagerly skipped

down the gravel drive-way. The breeze ran though my silky

brown hair. Then a cheerful puppy trotted toward me. He leaped

up on me and gave me a huge kiss. He gazed at me with his vast

eyes and the next thing I know I'm asking "Can we keep him?" I

was crossing my fingers as Mom announced "Yes."


  1. She sure has talent! I wonder where it comes from. :) Did she really get to keep the puppy?

    God bless and love,


  2. Yes Donna, she really did get to keep the puppy.